• Dodd-Frank Act: Section 1502 Compliance - Moss …

    Conflict Minerals reporting requirements depend on various factors. Therefore, you can choose from four different iPCMP licenses, tailored to the needs of different ...

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  • The Dodd Frank Act's Section 1502 on conflict …

    Our Conflict Minerals Compliance Kits are low-cost, easy-to-implement compliance programs for OEMs, suppliers to OEMs and supply chain professionals who are in ...

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  • Will You Choose a Conflict-Free Microprocessor? - …

    Conflict Minerals. We support efforts to end the human suffering and environmental harm that has been associated with certain mining in the Democratic Republic of ...

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  • Conflict minerals survey How companies are preparing

    Find out how we're campaigning for regulation in Europe to break the links between the minerals trade, conflict and human rights abuses.

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  • Conflict Minerals | Assent Compliance

    IMDS Conflict Minerals (CM) Analyzer. HPE's new IMDS CM Analyzer will help the IMDS user community understand and comply with US Conflict Minerals Act legislation.

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  • Document | Amnesty International

    Conflict Mineral Program Management Software ... Companies choose Assent to automate their conflict minerals compliance program.

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  • Conflict Minerals Compliance Program - Steel, …

    Template and Appendix for 3TG Downstream Supplier Letter ... [MINERALS] from conflict- ... companies may choose to incorporate as an Addendum to the main letter. 2

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  • Micron Technology, Inc. - Conflict Minerals

    Canada is considering a conflict minerals act and even China is developing guidelines. ... Nigerian gold mining: farmers choose death by lead poisoning over poverty.

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  • Ohmite Manufacturing: Compliance Data

    At MidAmerican Energy, we take our slogan – Obsessively, relentlessly at your service – seriously. ... Conflict Minerals; Tax Information for Foreign Vendors;

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  • Template and Appendix for 3TG Downstream Supplier …

    This list of frequently asked questions is a supplement to the PwC Dataline, SEC adopts conflict minerals rule – Public and nonpublic companies in many industries ...

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  • Product Stewardship Network | EHS | SAP

    AMD is taking steps to break the link between the trade in minerals and ongoing conflict and human rights abuses in Central Africa.

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  • Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer …

    Dodd-Frank Act: Section 1502 Compliance Acumen. Agility. ... IDENTIFYING AND REPORTING ON CONFLICT MINERALS IN YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN. ... Choose a …

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  • Conflict Minerals - Suppliers - About | Philips

    Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative and Tungsten Industry Conflict Minerals Council Launch Collaboration. 26th November 2013 November 26, 2013, Princeton, NJ and ...

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  • Draft proposal for a regulation on conflict minerals

    Philips is committed not to purchase raw materials, subassemblies or supplies which we know contain conflict minerals. We do not directly source minerals from mines ...

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  • SAP Product Stewardship Network for Conflict …

    Conflict Minerals Sonoco Products Company Conflict Minerals Policy. On October 13, 2014, Sonoco's Board of Directors adopted the following Conflict Minerals Policy:

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  • Conflict minerals rule poses compliance challenge

    ADVANCING SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. ... management and respect the rights of employees to freely and voluntarily associate as they choose, ... Avoiding Conflict Minerals.

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  • IMDS Conflict Minerals (CM) Analyzer - CDX - Home

    We define and describe the different kinds of boxes used with our case formers so you can choose the right type for your purposes.

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  • Conflict Minerals 3TG | Visual.ly

    1 The Enough Project • | Getting to Conflict-Free Getting to Conflict-Free Assessing Corporate Action on Conflict Minerals

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  • Corporate Citizenship - ESCO Technologies

    Conflict Minerals 3TG. ... Conflict minerals are minerals mined in conditions wher armed conflict and human ... already has a Visually account, please choose one of ...

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  • Conflict minerals policies of mobile phone …

    Congo's Conflict Minerals: US Companies Struggle To Trace Tantalum, Tungsten, Tin, Gold In Their Products

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  • Conflict Minerals: How To Choose an Ethically …

    Conflict Minerals : Home >Overview >Application Notes How To Choose a Product. Back to List. Helpful Information on Choosing a Lytron Product.

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  • Conflict Minerals | RAISE Hope for Congo

    Will You Choose a Conflict-Free Microprocessor? By Ken Kaplan, Intel iQ, January 7, 2014. ... In an effort to create microprocessor using conflict-free minerals, ...

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  • Conflict Minerals - Sonoco

    Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Frequently Asked Questions Conflict Minerals April 7, 2014 (Questions 13-21) May 30, 2013 (Questions …

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  • SEC Official Offers Three Pointers on Issuers' …

    Conflict Minerals Report (EICC) (XLSX) Ohmite Hardware Plating Is Converting to Fully RoHS Compliant. ... Compliance Data Material Declarations. 10 Series; 20 Series;

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  • Corp Fin Deputy Director comments on conflict …

    Why Choose Avnet? Avnet is an efficient and cost-effective sales and marketing channel helping suppliers reach a broad base of customers; Avnet's state-of-the-art ...

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  • Types of Corrugated Boxes, How to Choose a Case …

    Last updated: October 2016 Conflict Minerals It has long been known that the extraction of minerals has become entangled with human conflict in the eastern Democratic ...

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  • Avnet's Conflict Minerals Policy Statement | AVNET

    Assent provides expert conflict minerals consulting services that saves companies thousands of wasted dollars and hours.

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  • Customer Login - MidAmerican Energy

    United States of America: Digging for transparency: How U.S. companies are only scratching the surface of conflict minerals reporting. By Amnesty International and ...

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  • In Response: Conflict Minerals - PBS

    In support of global responsible sourcing, Micron is committed to ensuring that conflict minerals* used in the manufacture of its products do not directly or ...

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  • Congo's Conflict Minerals: US Companies …

    SAP Product Stewardship Network is an on-demand application that enables you to collaborate with your business partners. In the Conflict Minerals scenario, you can ...

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